SUPPORT - The Help You Need, the Way You Want To Get It

When you choose MetroNet for your enterprise network security support, our certified engineers will help you every step of the way. We'll guide you through the process of determining the right solution for your business challenge; through the planning, implementation, launch, and post-launch phases.

MetroNet offers end to end AMC support including maintenance, monitoring of your network devices, Internet or Intranet connection to help provide maximum uptime and performance or you can manage certain components yourself. Whatever option you choose, our team will work with you.

  • Offering our consulting, support and training services to ensure successful deployment of services and solutions that build sustainable success for your organization.
  • Always easily accessible, flexible and responsive, your support level can include everything from basic telephone or email-based support services to enhanced on-site services and support specialist offerings.

Hours of Operation:

  • Regular Support: 9 x 6 x NBD i.e. Sat -Thurs (excluding Govt. holidays)
  • Extensive Maintenance Support: 24 x 7 x 365 (purchase entitlement)
IVR 09612342000
IP Tel 09612345678
Direct Numbers 01713249528
Tel: 02-9671381-2

MetroNet is committing the best support and services as always!

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