Better manage risk, protect critical data, and prepare to meet compliance requirements by deploying a strong security practice. Our professional services experts can help you prepare for, recognize, and respond to potential threats before they compromise your IT infrastructure.

We can help you create security strategies to keep your IT infrastructure running, deliver secure productivity resources to mobile and remote workers, and maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty.

Attackers are getting better and faster at cybercrime. But organizations aren’t keeping up with them. However, our professional services consultants have gained extensive knowledge and abilities by monitoring threat trends and preventing attacks. We can provide holistic, customized security solutions to help protect your organization.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Know where your systems are exposed to online threats and cyber-crime – and what you can do about it. Your business relies on the internet to operate – and this means your operations and reputation can be exposed to online threats and cybercrime.  Despite taking the obvious precautions of installing class-leading firewall security, virus protection and spam filters, there may still be vulnerabilities that could allow someone to steal your valuable data. 

Our team can help you assess your security programs and test your systems and applications. We can help you identify gaps in your environment that create risk, help you construct a stronger security posture and help you confidently meet your compliance requirements. Services include: Penetration Testing; Information Security Assessment & Analysis.

  • Options for external and internal scanning, allowing us to expose vulnerabilities that can be exploited from the internet and from within your network.
  • Choice of scanning schedules, from once-off scans to weekly, monthly, biannual for ongoing vigilance.
  • Access the combined experience and expertise of our and our partners, including Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Software Technology, Cisco® and Dell, Cyberoam-Sophos as well as our combined ongoing research and development.
IT Audit & Consultancy

The CISA designation is a globally recognized certification for IT audit control, assurance and security professionals. Being CISA- certified our audit experience, skills and knowledge demonstrates that we are capable to manage vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and institute controls within the enterprise.

We provide a complete overview of the internal controls and risks of your technology network. This includes identifying the weaknesses in a systems network and creating an action plan to prevent security breaches in the technology. We can also be involved in the planning and execution of internal audit procedures and the creation of internal audit reports. We will work your team to create a solid information technology infrastructure, and collaborate with your businesses to devise and put in place policies and procedures regarding network security issues.

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